AYP’s Vision: Healthy Living Skills for Children and their Families

AYP’s Mission: To provide programs for children ages 6-12 within the community which encourage the development of effective living skills, pursuit of healthy lifestyle choices and connection of families to the community.

AYP’s Goals:

  • To promote a healthy sense of self-esteem in each participant;

  • To enhance participant’s social interaction skills;

  • To promote relationships between participants, families, schools and community service providers;

  • To guide participants to new and interesting opportunities in the community;

  • To provide parents with helpful resources and to offer support to parents, caregivers and teachers;

AYP’s Objectives:

  • To provide community responsive programs for children that enhances their physical, emotional and social development;

  • To develop an active outreach component to maximize the participation of families;

  • To promote and encourage residents to participate in, and take ownership of, programs initiated by the Society, using a community development approach;

  • To advocate for programs that support healthy families;


We Believe:

  • That every child has the right and the ability to learn the skills and knowledge to enhance their quality of life.


  • That every child has the right to express their feelings and to know they are valued.


  • That children have the right to grow up in a positive, healthy, secure and stable environment.


  • That the family, school and community greatly influence the development of the child.


  • That the most influential (positive and negative) periods in a child’s life occurs when he/she is young.


  • That leisure and recreation activities are not a luxury but necessities to live a good and happy life.


  • That access to cultural and recreational facilities promote a sense of citizenship and community belonging.

AYP Charitable Tax Number: 

 #: BN 131529281RR0001


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